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I’m a business psychologist based in Bath and I’m fascinated100_0073 by what makes people tick and how individual differences play out at work.

I’ve worked a lot with big blue-chip companies but my real interest lies with owner-managed businesses, including family businesses.  The main work I do is:

  • in-depth psychological profiling of people for senior appointments, promotion or management due diligence
  • coaching to help people develop into a role or overcome a specific difficulty, such as lack of confidence.  I coach on leadership programmes at Said Business School, Oxford University.
  • succession planning and coaching to smooth the transition from one ‘generation’ of management to the next (whether or not they’re related!)

In 2014 my work with a family business was shortlisted in two categories for theABP Awards finalist Association for Business Psychology’s Workplace Experience Awards.

I try to blog once a month about some random snippet of psychology, usually something that has caught my interest that month. I’m always interested in ideas for things to write about related to people at work, so do let me know if you have something puzzling you that you’d like a psychologist’s perspective on:

If you would like to sign up to receive these random psychological musings on a regular basis, please register here. Thanks for reading.

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